Estate Planning

Without proper guidance and strategic planning, HM Revenue and Customs might end up being the primary recipient of your assets after your passing.

That's why, at Nephos Wealth, we integrate accounting, tax, and estate planning to guarantee that your loved ones receive what you intended for them upon your demise.

Inheritance Tax

In the UK, inheritance tax is levied on the assets (including property, money, and belongings) of a deceased person. However, there are several strategies to minimise the amount due, such as:

  • Utilizing the yearly inheritance tax gift exemption.
  • Making donations to charities and political parties, which are exempt from inheritance tax.
  • Benefitting from the small gifts exemption.
  • Distributing regular gifts from your income.
  • Gifting to married spouse.
  • Making gifts and surviving a period of 7 years post gifting.

Legacy Planning

Many people in the UK pay more taxes than necessary both during their lifetime and after passing. It's discouraging to see a large part of one's estate claimed by taxes, especially after years of consistent contributions. Yet, with detailed planning, we aim to retain more of your assets for your heirs, preserving your hard-earned wealth.

Before engaging with us, numerous clients are cautious about parting with their assets, unsure of their retirement requirements. We start by assessing your retirement financial needs. Following that, we devise a plan to ensure your wealth benefits the next generations.

Why us?

Combining an accounting firm with a wealth management firm offers a comprehensive approach to later-life planning and tax optimisation. Accountants bring expertise in tax laws and compliance, while wealth managers focus on investments and estate strategies. Together, they provide a unified, streamlined strategy that ensures both tax efficiency and asset growth. This collaboration results in tailored financial solutions, a proactive approach to market and tax changes, and the convenience of having diverse financial expertise under one roof. In essence, this integration ensures both comprehensive advice and optimal tax efficiency for clients.

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