Business Valuation

If you’re lost in the woods, it’s important to know where you are currently before deciding which way to go - and it’s no different with your business. By getting your business valued, you can get an insight into where your business is currently at, and where it could be taken. Nephos has the necessary tools and team to give you that accurate valuation of your business.

Know your worth

Whether a valuation report will help you get a bank loan, give you an idea of how much to sell your business for, or just satisfy your curiosity, knowing what your business is worth is never bad information to have. With just two to three years of accounts, Nephos can tell you what your business is worth and what it’s projected to be worth in a year's time.

Planning ahead

Knowing your current business value is extremely useful, but knowing what it could be worth in a year's time is perhaps just as important. Nephos can provide you this information via a one to one call, where we explain in practical terms how your business is currently performing against industry benchmarks, and what you could do to reach your full potential over the next year and beyond.

Why us?

Nephos has gone through the process of valuing a variety of businesses. Using a range of methods including market multiples, discounted cash flow (DCF) and valuation ratios, we’re able to give you an accurate valuation. What’s more, we go a step further to explain this valuation and advise you on the next steps for your business.

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