CFO Services

To bring a business into the future whilst living in the present involves the utilisation of a forward-thinking CFO. However, what you might not know is that a successful CFO can also be an outsourced one. One that can lead from the sidelines and oversee all financial activities with the support of a team, managing your business's budgets, forecasts, relationships, tax strategy, compliance and succession planning.

Best Fit For Your Business

Hiring a CFO is not a one size fits all model, in fact, through the outsources model, we can support your business in building accounting systems to fit your business needs, with expert advice to take on growth, exits and business planning even having on-site knowledge if your business takes a leap into the web3 world.

Strategic Advice

From business modelling, budget and cashflow forecasts, and 6-monthly business monitoring including but not limited to ideal future planning, goal setting and action planning, Nephos Group provides high-level commentary and strategy to ensure you achieve the vision and goals you have set for your business.

Why us?

So, why us? Nephos Group has experts in-house that work across multiple industries to help and advise. Not only that, our Founder worked in ‘industry’ as the head of finance before growing and scaling Nephos Group. We believe in a culture that is focussed on advising you rather than just processing. Therefore, if you’re looking to take your next steps with your business, reach out to see if we’re a great fit.

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