International Company Formation

When you’re looking to expand your business from the national to the international stage, it’s important that you pick the right jurisdictions for your business. Laws and frameworks vary from country to country, with each having their own advantages and disadvantages. With our wealth of experience, Nephos can make sure you successfully expand to the right jurisdictions for you.

Simplifying the information

Finding the jurisdiction that will best suit your business needs and structure isn’t an easy task when there are so many options available. Nephos can help you cut through the overwhelming amount of information by reviewing your business structure and regulatory framework before suggesting the jurisdictions which will be best suited for your business.

Locate and incorporate

Where you’ll expand your business too is a big question that we’ll help you answer - but our work won’t stop there. Once you’ve chosen your preferred jurisdiction, we’ll help you incorporate your business, from handling all of the signing of engagement to the delivery of corporate documents. If necessary, we can even provide directors and shareholders.

Why us?

With over 20 years of experience working with international jurisdictions, we’ve helped many of our global clients expand internationally. We take a hands-on approach to actively support your business’s growth by giving you the information and advice you need to find the right jurisdictions to meet your business model and needs.

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