Strategic Business Planning

So often businesses will create a business plan for the sake of creating a business plan, but there is one vital piece missing…strategy. Strategic business planning is the process of defining the direction of the business and making decisions on allocating the resources of a business in order to achieve its goals (no matter how large or audacious they are).

Forward Thinking

You can’t drive a business forward unless you understand the end goal, target or game plan. This is exactly why Nephos Group support you and your business set long-term goals, objectives and a plan of action to take your current business into the future. Not only that, Nephos Group will sit with you to analysis the competitive environment, assess the internal and external factors of the organisation and deliver a strategic game plan.

Strategic Planning

Strategic business planning with Nephos involves the following steps; Defining the vision, mission and values; SWOT analysis; Setting long-term goals & objectives; Developing a strategic plan; Allocating resources; Implementation and monitoring. Further to this, frequent check-ins and support are implemented to ensure the business stays focused and achieves long-term success.

Why us?

Our Nephos Group team is incredibly diverse, with team members dealing with multiple businesses across many sectors, offering a high-level view on other businesses and how they operate to support the process. Not only that, our business is built on the foundations of an entrepreneurial mindset and drive, which compliments strategic business planning as a whole.

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