Directorship & Shareholder Services

When you’re moving or expanding your business to another country, there are always legal complications. In the case of the UK, one of the most common issues faced by companies is the legal requirement to have at least one natural person as a director. Among our other director and shareholder services, Nephos is able to offer a corporate or individual director to help you meet all the legal requirements.

Support and advice

By providing you with individual directors, we don’t just make sure you meet the legal requirement of having a natural person as director. We’re also on hand to give you support on any board decisions that have to be made while advising you on all UK regulatory requirements.

Smooth Operations

Even if your business doesn’t have one now, there’s no harm in preparing for the future if you think you may one day have a UK presence. By getting your business structure ready for the UK early, you can get your operations going in the UK easily when you need to.

Why us?

Nephos has years of experience running companies and boards across the globe, giving us a strong understanding of the legal frameworks of a large number of jurisdictions. Through informed advice and support understanding all the legal frameworks, we help you meet all of your director and shareholder requirements.

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