Management Buy Out

When buying a company as a management buyout candidate, it’s crucial that you’re getting professional advice that you can rely on. Without it, you might struggle to get the investment you need or the deal you want. From decades of experience with management buyouts, Nephos has the knowledge and skills to help you with every aspect of the buyout.

Attracting the right investors

One of the most important steps in a successful MBO is getting the necessary investment, a task that isn’t easy even when the opportunities are obvious for investors to see. From support with writing a business plan to advice on pitching investors in a format they’re familiar with, Nephos can help you secure the investment you need to make your MBO happen.

Getting the best deal

Regardless of who the vendor is, you can be sure that their advisors will be working hard to get them the best possible price while investors aim to maximise their returns. To counterbalance this, you need seasoned advisors of your own. Nephos has the experience and resources to take on this role, helping you get the maximum possible equity stake in your MBO.

Why us?

With over two decades of experience helping management buyout teams get the best deal possible, we have the knowledge, skills and connections to lay the groundwork, tick all the right boxes and get the best out of negotiations, providing you with the best possible management buyout.

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