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At one stage or another, there’s a good chance that any SME is going to need access to finance. Whether it’s for a VAT loan to help cashflow, extra stock to get you through a busy period, or you’re thinking of expanding your business, Nephos can help you access that funding when you need it.

Room to grow

68% of SMEs say that access to finance is one of the main barriers to growth, and it’s hard for a business to progress without growing. Nephos helps SMEs gain access to that financial aid by helping you apply for grants, sell equity, or simply by pointing you in the right direction when you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall.

Exploring the options

It’s important that you choose the right kind of financing for you. While selling equity in a business may be good for some, others may benefit more from a commercial mortgage or another kind of financing. Nephos will explain the pros and cons of all the options available to you, and help you access whichever option you choose.

Why us?

Nephos has a deep knowledge of the different financing options available to businesses of all sizes. By giving you our impartial and expert advice, you’ll have everything you need to decide what the best method will be to access funding for your business and will provide support acquiring those funds. Start your funding journey now.

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